fumar mata

"we have met the enemy and he is us"

alice, england, born 95, i like vodka and hiphop

had such a sick night oh my gawddd it was properly on another level but i was at my cousins 1st birthday party today and still absolutely wired it was odd hahhahh 

my mum got a tattoo done today and now im motivated to sort mine out nd the guy who did my 1st tattoo said he’d do it for £150 when it should be £280 because he ‘likes the design’ aw cute im bare excited now but its gonna take 4 flipping hours

your holiday looked fucking shit you dont need to continue posting about it

i am really not looking forward to having to spend the day with family on saturday when im gonna be on such a comedown after fri night

i literally cant describe how good this weekend was, absolute madness i cant imagine a better group of people to have spent it with

off to a festival this weekend, spa day with my mum next wednesday, and bestfriends party a few days after, im so excited

some guys trying to sext me rn its half 2 in the afternoon and im drinking a cup of tea i dont really think its the right time

genuinley so nice when you meet someone and have an instant connection

absolutely loved last night

i just have so many plans over the next few weeks im so excited, the start of summer was boring as fuck but now everyones actually doing stuff ahh

as much as i want my friend to be happy im sad that her and her boyf broke up cause we were meant to go up to sheffield for a weekend and stay with him and his uni mates and i was bare excited and now we cant hahaha selfish

haha last night was mad and me and my friend just decided to book Y Not festival tickets yayyyy exciting

scares me that its been 2 years since i met you and i dont think ill ever stop having some feelings for you, and we have a good friendship now that took months to build after we stopped seeing eachother and i dont wanna ruin that

awww just aw a guy i used to speak to like when i first started college just popped up like ‘long time no speak!’ its so cute

im getting myself deeper and deeper into a bad situation