fumar mata

"we have met the enemy and he is us"

im alice. about music personal myself.

starting to think of ideas to plan my next tattoo nd very excited to start designing it but need to wait till i have lots of money to spare:(

life tip no. 1 don’t sleep with your ex unless you want to spend the whole of the next day confused over your feelings

oh my god last night was probs one of the best nights ive ever had in town, ive had 4 hours sleep and drank far too much and was slightly involved with a group of boys who started a massive fight but the whole night was so joke, love jem sososo much

finallllly booking a holiday this friday with my lovelys, saved up so much money cant wait till ive payed off the holiday and can just spend money easily instead of stressing out when i spend £1.99 on icecream ffs but on a serious level this holiday is gonna be fucking maddddd

1st weekend in a long time that im staying in, ribs are badly hurting cus they’re bruised from the tattoo AHH. going out with ma babeee next weekend though for her bday so not too bov about staying in tonight

im in LOVE with my tattoo and it hardly even hurt man, i wanna show it off tomorrow at coll but that means wearing a croptop in cold rainy weather :(

gone out for the past 5 weekends i need to keep this drinking streak going if i dont go out this weekend im gonna cry

cannot believe that some people on What Happens in Sunny Beach have slept with over 50 people….makes me basically sound like a virgin

however the stress from today doesnt take away the fact my life is going so so good at the minute, 2014 is gonna be the best year i swear

so glad im getting drunk tonight and tomoz, today has been too fucking stressful

i am very stubborn in thinking the guy should always make the first move so even though we both know we like each other NOTHING WILL HAPPEN UNTIL U MAKE THE FIRST MOVE OMG

tattoo booked for next thursday!! feel like im an idiot tho for having my first tattoo in whats supposed to be the most painful place (ribs) lololol and also im annoyed cus my meds were making me lose a lot of weight and decreasing my appetite but a certain time of the month has just made me constantly hungry for the past week and i feel so fat :( 

some random guy slapped me SO HARD on the arse on tuesday night and it fucking killed i wouldnt be suprised if i had a hand shaped bruise omg