fumar mata

"we have met the enemy and he is us"

alice, england, born 95, i like vodka and hiphop

so buzzing for this weekend, bestfriends got a free house so me and all the festival fam are literally just gonna live there till monday nd we’re having a night in on friday, then casino on saturday night i feel so classy and then drinks on sunday night as its bank hol ahhh i love having plans

just love my life so much, im going to the uni i wanted to and got my 1st choice of accommodation, ive got so many amazing friends that im having the best summer with and just everythings going right and its great

also im so good at finding even the smallest signs that a guy is interested in me I FUCKING KNEW IT

i smell like sex and its so weird that sex does actually have a genuine smell surely im not the only one who thinks this

oh my god last night was one of the best nights ive had in sooo long, saw so many people i knew in town then all the festival lot had a reunion after parrty and i woke up fucking hanging and all ive been doing all day is wanting to be home and having a shower but now im home i want to be back with them all so glad im spending all next weekend with them

i am over the moon

have such a love hate relationship with smoking

the start of uni is gonna be such a turn around for my life, fresh start

also buzzing for stealth on saturday and to see some of my friends do mandy for the first time hahah

literallly everyone is out on thursday night im so excited to see so many people im not even bov about my results anymore, no point being nervous it wont change anything

i had like 3 hours sleep last night and woke up still absolutely off my head why am i still awwwwaakkkee my jaw fucking aches

had such a sick night oh my gawddd it was properly on another level but i was at my cousins 1st birthday party today and still absolutely wired it was odd hahhahh 

my mum got a tattoo done today and now im motivated to sort mine out nd the guy who did my 1st tattoo said he’d do it for £150 when it should be £280 because he ‘likes the design’ aw cute im bare excited now but its gonna take 4 flipping hours

your holiday looked fucking shit you dont need to continue posting about it

i am really not looking forward to having to spend the day with family on saturday when im gonna be on such a comedown after fri night