fumar mata

"we have met the enemy and he is us"

im alice. about music personal myself.

haha changed my mind now im going town

was so undecided whether to go out tonight or not but my illness has got the better of me. atleast this means ill get a takeawaay tonight

its fucking peak that for once im seeing a guy who actually liikes me for more than sex and yet now i feel like we arent compatible and theres no spark. NOOOO

student night on a thursday in town is soooo fucking sick. however getting in at 3.30am and having to get up for college at 6.30 wasnt good but still being drunk until about lunchtime made things better hhahahaa

"Grimes is the homie… I fuck with Grimes because she’s underrated… I want to get Grimes on a track" - A$AP Rocky

i always wonder what sex feels like from a male perspective