fumar mata

"we have met the enemy and he is us"

alice, england, born 95, i like vodka and hiphop

scares me that its been 2 years since i met you and i dont think ill ever stop having some feelings for you, and we have a good friendship now that took months to build after we stopped seeing eachother and i dont wanna ruin that

awww just aw a guy i used to speak to like when i first started college just popped up like ‘long time no speak!’ its so cute

One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest (1975)

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if we are spooning and I arch my butt into you there is a 1000% chance I don’t actually have to stretch and that I just want to feel your boner

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A Good Pair Of Socks…

im getting myself deeper and deeper into a bad situation 

ive been talking to this guy i met on holiday and i feel rlly bad cause like im leading him on a lot but he lives an hour and a half away and im not into that sort of commitment over a holiday romance

ive literally been home for less than a week and ive already decided im going back to kavos next summer to work for the season

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this girl curved EVERYONE


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so pissed off at myself rn stressin so much

i feel so weird that a guy i got with on holiday (who is from nottingham nd we have mutual friends) is gonna inherit like £4million i just cant get my head around it


i want to believe the egg stunt was actually super rad and this person is bitter about it

but really my holiday was amazing, so much shit happened nd i have so many stories and its weird that im not gonna see loads of people i met again but i will deffo be back in kavos next year